Session Cookies Not Enabled, what does that mean?

We don’t use stored cookies, but we do require "session cookies" for our system to operate correctly. These cookies do not contain any personal information and are used only to maintain your web session. When you leave the website and close the browser, the web session ends and the session cookies are discarded forever.

Please make sure you have Cookies Enabled on your browser, and that you are not blocking Third Party Cookies, in order to have a better experience using our system. Each browser has different settings, so please use the link below to pick your browser and find instructions to follow:

How to Enable Cookies on Any Browser

You may see a message about Session Cookies needing to be Enabled, so please check your settings to make sure that's turned on. You might try clearing your browser history, including cookies and cache, before trying again to login and sign your documents. Clearing cookies does not disable or turn them off, it just removes old cookies and allows for newer ones. You might also try closing your browser window completely, and opening a brand new one.