How do I login to my Document Center?

Note: This topic is for direct SIGNiX users who send transactions to be signed.  Not for those signing a document.  If you are a signer, please contact the Company or Individual who sent you the document to sign.

To protect your documents and your company's privacy, you can only access your Document Center by utilizing the unique login link sent to you by SIGNiX when your account was created. To log in, simply click that link and enter your Password. If you've lost the link, please contact an admin user or team leader at your company who handles SIGNiX support issues and they can either provide the link or will contact Customer Support for assistance.

To simplify your experience with SIGNiX, we recommend that you bookmark your unique Document Center link in your Internet browser for easy access, and you should bookmark prior to login, not afterwards.